Before Angkor ~ Tamil Kings and an old stone

I’ve been doing a huge amount of research recently due to a rock art find Monique Galloway (Archaeologist & Heritage Officer for Sydney Port-shore Authority) and I have made in Cambodia. (You’ll hear about that in much more exciting detail soon so do watch this space for news about some press!)


Rock Carvings (Petroglyphs and Taras Shrine on Kulen Mountain)


Ever fascinated by ancient/pre-history and seeking some answers about the very unusual symbology of some of the petroglyph finds we made on the sacred mountain of Phnom Kulen, I was introduced by an Indian scholar to the myths and legends of the Tamil influence in the building of the Empire of Angkor. Wow, it’s fascinating!

Did you know that there is a rock from Kulen in the Chidambaram Temple in Tamil Nadu in Southern India? Said to of been gifted by Khmer King Suryavarman II to the Chola king, Kulottunga I, circa 1100 C.E.


Chola King Kulottunga instructing building surveyors in 1086 C.E.


According to Tamil language expert and scientist Alex Gomez ‘Kulottunga gratefully accepted the unusual gift, installed it in the temple and engraved an inscription informing that the stone was from Cambodia.’ There are also suggestions that the gift was made to say thank you for the building wisdom imparted by a Tamil priest in the building of Angkor Wat itself; which it is fair to say has similarities to the Chidambaram Temple.
Chidambaram Temple – Tamil Nadu

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