Yantra Tattoos ~ Cambodia

After my last blog about Yantra or Sak Yant ~ The Sacred Art of Tattooing I received a number of enquiries, one from lovely Fey who joined me in Cambodia last week to have this beautiful protection tattoo made as well as run in the Siem Reap Half Marathon. She maybe petite but she’s got some power!

feytatt2 feytat2

In our continuing search for the best traditional Khmer tattooists in Cambodian we reconnected with the first tattooist we met here. With long experience as a monk, soldier and now family man Piyavit has a prayer room where he uses the ancient practice of khmer tattoo to ink these very special protection tattoos for locals and visitors alike.

feyblessedredstring feytathearthand

This piece cost $200 including a full buddhist blessing.

Yantra Tattoo Tours available from $60 pp for Half Day including hotel pick up/drop off/ refreshments NOT including tattoo cost.

Contact via http://www.greenbyname.com


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