Yantra Blessing Tattoo / Cambodia / Keep Local Arts Alive!

I get some very interesting guests visiting and yesterday Sean, 23, from Paris and I went to visit local Yantra (Blessing and Bamboo) Tattoist, Panya.


Sean has been travelling through the countries of his origins. His great grandfather was Khmer and the translator to King Sihanoukville, the family that stayed in cambodia were sadly all lost during Pol Pots genocidal reign. Keen to find an authentic tattooist for this his first ever visit for Sean in Cambodia I made a few calls.



Panya works with both bamboo and a gun but here at the pagoda, in a monks room, surrounded by prayer books, khmer tattoo enthusiasts and burning candles, he inks traditional blessing Yantra tattoos which are then followed by a monk blessing. As usually the only woman there, even in the monks bedroom, I am treated as the men, I make sure not to touch the monk but he happily passes me a can of drink. The men know me as someone keen to photograph tattoos and welcome me warmly. No skin contact but I sit happily laughing with three young monks in training and share a cigarette with a few ink punks who are there to learn and watch.

Helping Sean choose a circular design for his left upper chest, the place given to Cambodian Yantra tattoos dedicated to your mother, both Panya and the monk provide a drink, reassurance and time to ensure you make the right choice of design and placement for your new ink.


Based at a beautiful tourist free working Wat on the outskirts of Siem Reap I can also teach a little photography or shoot some portraits for you and your guests. You can explore the large site which has some beautiful pagodas and we discover some of the most outstanding and 3d sculptural wall murals in the city.



This is a very special journey for those wanting a Yantra tattoo, those interested in wall mural arts, enthusiastic photographers and those seeking an alternative tour of wider Siem Reap.

Explore the art of Yantra tattooing and the ancient stories painted on working Pagoda walls with http://www.greenbyname.com

Want your special yantra tattoo journey arranged and recorded by a professional photographer?





11 thoughts on “Yantra Blessing Tattoo / Cambodia / Keep Local Arts Alive!

  1. Hi my name is Josephine Ford, For a long time I’ve been wanting a Sak Yant tattoo. My Husbsand and I will be coming Too Seiem Reap inn September 2015 I would love to find out more about how about going to get one and what would be a best choice for me. I have a strong conection to Green Tara if that helps.
    Awaiting your reply
    Josephine ford

  2. Hi ,
    My name is Paula im from Costa Rica but currently working in Beijing , this next february am going with some friends to Cambodia and would love to have the chance to get a tattoo as your friend did. Please it would be great if you could give some advice and more info on who to contact the monks , dos and donts . I really appreciate all the help you can give . Thanks!

  3. Hi my name is Milhan,
    i’m in cambodia, and i like to know where can I find Panya ?
    thank for your photo, it’s √† realy Nice work

  4. Hi,
    my name is Alex and as your friend I’ll visit cambodia for my first time in a month. I’m already in sououtheastern asia and I had the project since a long time to get many sak yant, but only in cambodia with monk. my Mother is khmer and all our family has been killed during the war. I don’t speak khmer but I already have ideas, but it’s a lot of work, mayebe a full week.
    Could you please send me informations about contacts and the adress ?

  5. Hi there,
    My name is Rosebud and I will be in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in May. I want to get as close to traditional as I can with the Yantra tattoo process as I study the history of tattooing and am a future tattoo artist. Please let me know how I can find this, I would really appreciate your help!

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