Siem Reap Pagoda Cats // Cambodia //


Like the nun who lives at the back of Wat Athvea, Founder of Siem Reap Pagoda Cats Josette Vanneur, is a sparkling eyed, graceful and kindhearted woman (not unreminiscent of her fellow country woman Audrey Hepburn). A lover of all things feline (she rides a bicycle with leopard markings painted on it!) after settling to live in Cambodia Josette became aware of the desperate situation of many of the Cambodian cats and kittens starved and diseased lives and decided she had a job to do.



Siem Reap Pagoda Cats aims to promote care, protection, love and respect for the cats of Siem Reap town, Cambodia. With daily morning feeds and medical care their mission is to improve the life of stray cats living on the grounds of Siem Reap’s Wat Athvea Pagoda. Josette also houses a small cat and kitten sanctuary at home for the sickest under her caring eye.



If you would like to donate, visit Josette and help with her morning feline feed or take an ‘On location’ Photography Workshop with me at Wat Athvea and visit with the nun, the kittens and your camera with a donation to Siem Reap Pagoda Cats then do get in touch today via my contact form with your travel dates.

Please help feed the felines! Make a paypal donation at

Book a Photo Tour and a kitten cuddle!











Please help Josette and her beautiful friend the Nun feed and provide the first steps in care for the cats of Cambodias pagodas. Thank you. Donate here

Visit the website to find out more


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