Solo Traveller Tours

As an often lone female traveller myself I know what many other women know, it is often much easier and more enjoyable to travel solo! But, there are some places, some countries and some times when we want or need to find a friendly face and travel guide or join a small, simple, short tour to help us get used to a new culture before setting out on the dusty red roads of discovery on our own.

josettenuncr  lindseyapsaracr.jpg

As a woman traveller and one of very few professional ex-pat pro women photographers in Cambodia (we can still count us female photographers living and working here long term on one hand!) I have picked up a few tips along the way that you will find invaluable and have some wonderful women safe drivers to make you feel extra comfortable whilst travelling.

angkoranayammonkscr  angkorana

Book a three day introduction to Cambodia and we will pick you up from your airport in a traditional tuk tuk or a top of the range air conditioned car and ensure your journey starts off just the way you have dreamed it will.

Want to stay in a rush hut, volunteer on a project and wash in the river?

Or luxuriate on a private island whilst admiring the beauty of the wild rainforest?

grouppkkimmyjosettekyliechand  atorilochwifecr

Don’t forget, what goes on tour stays on tour, keep the mystery of Cambodia alive!

Tour details can be found at


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