I will make you a kite….

“Do not be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against, not with the wind.” Hamilton Mabie.

I have been researching traditional Khmer kite making for the children’s art workshops I am running. The problem though has been, finding a traditional kite maker in the region. It seems a few years ago there was a national kite festival but alas no more. So in pondering this dilemma I was alerted to what the kids at the roadside were making today…kites!

Out of a carrier bag, some basket making cane, thread, a lighter and an incense stick for sealing the cane joints the kids showed me what I needed to know. A very good reason for taking your time in Cambodia, walking sometimes instead of tuk tuking, you may well learn just the right things you need to.

Kids workshops every Saturday morning until 21st December 2012 resuming January 2013 at Jungle Junction Siem Reap. Please book first!

Children’s parties, events and private functions can include wildlife adventures, professional face-painting and photography services please contact me directly at greenbynamephotography@gmail.com


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