The Bamboo Tattoo – Sak Yant – Yantra – Cambodia

There is much more to Jansens story than a bamboo tattoo. When I have more time I shall tell you about the interview I recorded. About his first visit to Cambodia in 1992 when he was serving for the U.N. with the Dutch marines, when his job was to retrieve weapons from the Khmer Rouge. And why he desperately needed to make this journey back exactly 20 years later after battling the demons of his post traumatic stress disorder from his time served here.

But whilst I have access to the fastest internet in Cambodia (go high in Phnom Penh seems to be the answer!) I wanted to share these photographs as I know Jansens family are supporting his journey from back home and would love to see the day he got his Khmer bamboo tattoo. Well it was a fresh clean needle held by string and elastic band on the end of a car ariel actually but whose quibbling?!

Good luck Jansen, may you find a peaceful sleep by the end of your time in this beautiful place.


5 thoughts on “The Bamboo Tattoo – Sak Yant – Yantra – Cambodia

  1. We’re so proud of you Jordan! Thank you Tori for being there with him, means a lot to us too!
    X Rho, Lhé and Miran

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