Meeting the monks

A friend commented yesterday that he spotted four monks, resplendent in orange robes at a bus stop, in Bradford, early morning.

David said, “I would of taken a pic but it felt somewhat intrusive”.

I have a soft spot for monks. And it’s true. Making images of monks can be a peculiar task. Generally I find them very willing though.  Especially at temples if you make a kind donation. Now I am told that monks mustn’t touch women so I keep my physical distance initially to see how they might receive me and give them a warm smile. Most monks I meet, if they speak English, love a chat and have been happy, if sometimes awkwardly, to pose for the camera.

Top tips for working with monks and the camera

  • If you are a woman you know you should cover up arms and legs, so do, it gets you further inside, where the best images are. At some temples I have been invited to join sunset chants, meditation, even sword practice
  • It’s polite to keep behind the monks when they are kneeling/praying/chanting, especially when having a dslr around your neck
  • Be respectful of their prayer time
  • Put cam in silent mode if in temple at working hours

Now go meet monks!

Note :: All the images above were made in Siem Reap and at Angkor Wat. The first on a shoot directed by Nathan Horton Photography.


3 thoughts on “Meeting the monks

  1. newcastle mi’dear newcastle

    thanks for the tips. i shall capture them in silent mode the very next time we have a sunny day.

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