Poetry & Painting on Tour

Old friend

seeking you, I climb inside the trees own selves, cool shade

and there your gentle smile, a relief, encased by nature’s ancient frame

I become, I am

written by Tori Green

Increasingly my guests are not photographers but artists of other disciplines, this week I was joined by a sculptor from England, a painter from Scotland and a poet from China.

I love how we inspire each other, the painters slowing the photographers down, the poets finding their words shaping future sculptures. Green Tours are really happy to open their arms to travelers who want to take their time to study and be inspired by the arts, carvings and ancient histories of this country.

An independent traveler finds a peace filled corner for a water colour of Ta Prohm’s great tree temple.

Whistle stop tours are just not our thing and getting to the green heart of creative Cambodia is. Giving you time to create your own work in these amazing locations is a joy for us too!

If you would like to join a Green Tours Cambodia Tour or book Tori for a private tour please email your travel dates, locations and wishes to :: greentourscambodia@gmail.com


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