My joy is the golden sunset…

‘My joy is the golden sunset’ ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

On a mad and mysterious moth hunt for a book jacket commission (so mysterious a moth that I cannot find it!) I was riding a tuk tuk past Srah Srang lake. I have stopped here before for sunset and it is one of my favourite spots to just sit and watch.

I caught this image of a little khmer boy leaping in joy through the golden light.

A beautiful spot away from the crowds it is ideal for Green Tours guests to take in the beauty and peace of the Angkor landscape away from the hordes of coach travellers as well as photograph stunning sunsets. I think I may take a picnic blanket and a bottle of something appropriate next time!


2 thoughts on “My joy is the golden sunset…

    1. Hi Laura and Rick, so lovely to hear from you, great to see your images on your blog too. Yup, getting settled in Siem Reap and finding some great secret shooting locations, hope your bus journey was good and your image making comes on in leaps and bounds! I shall keep an eye on your travels, Tori x

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