The Blue and Yellow series…

Inspired by last post the blue boy somewhat but with a little yellow for jollity these were taken on a great weekend tour working with National Geographic Traveler recommended Working part-time with Nathan is starting to really improve my photography and working with the guests, helping them gain confidence, spot shots and relax in their new surroundings is really a rather enjoyable way to spend ones day!

All of the shots below were taken on Nathan’s Phnom Penh weekend tour which I can highly recommend for teaching aesthetics and technical photography, with five different locations shot over the weekend I am still working my way through what I have but I hope that you enjoy these for now and they inspire you to visit wonderful places and learn to make great images and memories too.

Bye for now, I move towns again tonight, heading to Siem Reap to launch Green Tours Cambodia and have some silly fun with new friends. This will be the third place I have made home since my time in Cambodia, think of me on the dusty, bumpy road in the dark on the 7 hour sleeper coach won’t you. It’ll be a ride!


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