Trio ~ It’s the Cops!

This beautiful young cham fisherman was bringing in his night catch as the sun rose over the brightly painted floating fishing boats at the riverside one very very early morning. There is a reason he is in this trio, he had a policeman’s t-shirt on, I thought it showed more clearly, hey ho, he looks too wonderful to let go so he’s in!

Tourist Police in Cambodia can be incredibly helpful. This officer was very generous to let me take his photograph, such a wonderful face, he looks very kind.

The below photograph of the young man giving the peace sign has utterly no bearing on the individual policeman above! I told the young man I thought it was a great t-shirt, ‘Why?’ he said, “Because of what it says,” said I, “What does it say?” he said…

Loving the spelling mistake too! Don’t abouse the mouse!


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