You know those projects you start…and then stop….or let fall asleep because something else took over. Well ‘Faces’ was one of mine, just like that book I wrote 3/4 of, they wait for me, hibernating, ageing, until their time comes again to be drawn from the dusty wine cellar of my files.

One of things I had noticed about National Geographic published Nathan Horton’s work was his respect for the human face. There was a tenderness, respect and appreciation in his images of the subjects and their own lives. And it is this, and the fact that I still haven’t replaced the lens lost to the crazed orangutang, (so was until this week working with solely a 35mm ~ it is handy having a boss you can borrow lenses from!), that has been having a deep affect on my work again.

It means I have to be closer.

And with the added encouragement of the workshops and tours I am assisting, I hope you agree, it is proving some wonderful results.

I hope you enjoy meeting the faces I meet every day…I have a feeling they are going to refuse to hibernate in that dusty file anymore.


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