Learning to Talk Tiger and other strange tongues…

Nick Marx of Wildlife Alliance is one of the main voices and protectors of wild animals poached or held in unacceptable captivity in Cambodia. Responsible for the rescue and ongoing welfare of animals in danger at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre Nick has been working here for over ten years, raising rescued tigers by hand, making sure injured elephants like Chook below get the best treatment possible. Also advising the newly trained Cambodian Forestry Administration Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team who are addressing the rampant and devastating illegal wildlife trade Nick has got his work cut out!

Phnom Tamao Wildlife and Rescue Centre. You should go there…

Learn to talk tiger…

Trump like an elephant…

And imitate a mynor bird…

‘For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive.’

David Herbert Lawrence

Chook, the five year old elephant, lost part of his leg in an animal trap. It took the fundraising of Barb of many things, but also Lazy Gecko, to get him this prosthetic leg! He manages very well with it, a little too well, his bullish nature is already appearing and I shan’t be getting any closer to him than this! His trunk is a weapon of possible mass camera destruction but fortunately Lucky the elephant in the above photograph taking a dip is far better natured and next time I shall put the Nikon down and get in the water with her! But no back rides here, the animals get to walk wild and free for a great portion of the day, lucky indeed…


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