It’s a mouthful isn’t it! It’s better to repeat it over and over but still then, when braving it’s pronunciation in front of listeners, it still trips and starts over one’s tongue and teeth to start with. Try it in three parts Hari hara laya

After finishing my time working with the amazing Khmer team down at Rikitikitavi in Kampot and then taking in the inspirations and excitement, and a choking bag of sand into my lungs it felt like, in creative Siem Reap I headed out of town a way to stay at Hariharalaya for some peace rest and tranquility. Shall we just call it Hari from here?

Founded by Joel Altman and currently assisted by Sre Pin, Chantoun, and David Seth Fink, Hari is, and will continue growing into, a place that helps you reconnect with your peace through daily meditation, your body through daily yoga and your belly through the finest vegan food I have ever willingly eaten.

Particularly excited about Dani Jumps development of Hari’s green spaces I spent much time walking the landscapes newly cleared desire lines to discover which corner the black winged dragonfly rest, where the centipedes nest hid, where the praying mantis prayed…

I shall look forward to returning to Hari especially in a few months time when we hatch a plan for a yoga and creative wildlife photography weekend workshop. Come play!




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