Bright Lights Big City

Just a quickie!

I have a new home and a new job! The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, greeted me at 6am a few mornings back as did a very large, but very empty apartment that comes with the new job that I shall be spending part of the time throwing myself into, and food poisoning which was thankfully not job or new home related!

So go check out because he is rather good and hopefully I will be soon enough too!


2 thoughts on “Bright Lights Big City

  1. Hi Tori,
    I see you have moved on from Rikitikitavi, we met there back in October, found you via flickr, I was the one with the Cutters Choice!! I see you are rather enjoying Cambodia and still there! How’s it going working for Nathan? funnily enough I got in touch with him to do a tour of the temples , but he was busy at the time!
    Great blog!

    1. Hi Ania, great to hear from you. Alas Riki’s owners did finally return from their extended tour but the next step of my adventure has begun! If you ever need another tour of the temples just drop me an email, preferential rates for ‘cutters choice’ lovers :o)

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