Today my daughter left town, it was wonderful to spend time with her, and I knew I would feel sad not knowing when I will see her again. With that in mind and the wonderful work of Anjali House in Siem Reap and their Children’s Photography Workshops which were being celebrated this evening as part of Angkor Photo Festival, I packed up my face-paints and headed to my poshest location for painting faces yet, Raffles Hotel.

“The Sanskrit word “anjali” translates to “offerings” in English. Anjali House is a house of offerings for local children in need. In addition to ensuring the children are healthy and happy and providing them with both education and avenues for creative expression, we hope to offer our children skills and opportunities which will help them find success and fulfilment in the future.”
Anjali House Website

It is projects like this that help kids like the little girl above stop working on the streets collecting rubbish or selling books and go to school. The future of Cambodia relies on it’s incredibly young population. The future of Cambodian wildlife lies in their hands. So in the dark, with a torch between my teeth, I transformed giggling faces into butterflies, tigers, spiders, scorpions and dragonflies in the hope that that which we can become we will want to protect.


2 thoughts on “Transformation

    1. Thank you Morgan for commenting, I look forward to returning and painting faces in the daylight next time! We might get some better artistic results but the smile wins every time!

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