‘CAUTION: Don’t forget about art’

A little light relief maybe in order after my recents posts. After my day at S21, to lighten the mood, I made it my mission to visit every arts gallery that was recommended. After shopping in the richly coloured labyrinth of the russian market I started with Meta House. Which looked kind of closed. But I kind of went in anyway. Had a peek at an exhibition featuring photographs of people doing star jumps in nearby markets, which I am sure was great fun for the project’s participants, and slipped out again to sip white wine at Java Arts.

An exhibition by Khmer artist Meas Sokhorn ‘Don’t forget about art’ brightened the white space with it’s rightly, red proclamation and I feasted on a light fish curry with mash potato that made me moan on first taste. Always a good sign. What was a little disappointing about both locations was the lack of art. I had hoped for more.

And if you want to try the utterly amazing dish with lemon grass, carrots, sugar snap peas and creamy mashed potato be careful not to go at Sunday lunch-time if you want some peace and quiet. Java also has a ‘play room’ which is not an art exhibition, it is where the toddler children of french and american western workers run riot. I bought some beautifully baked lemon biscuits and creamed muffins for the boys back at the Manor House Hotel and swiftly wended my way home with Samat, my trusty tuk tuk driver, knowing a fairy lit swimming pool and a deep, hot bath awaited me.

The pic of the pool is © Manor House where I had enough room to dance around my bed, wonderful deep, hot baths and fairy lit night~swimming under the star ridden sky. Thank you for looking after me David, Sophath Ho and the team!

It is low season right now so much quieter. Always check venues for up-to-date information on exhibitions in Phnom Penh. Low season though is a wonderful time to get huge rooms and swimming pools all to yourself!


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