‘Hissssss’, said Sid!

I’m really not intending this blog to feature animals all of the time and promise to treat you to some of the fine art and abstract work I have been working on soon but in the meantime, check this chap out!

I was out for my afternoon constitutional walk along the river, I’d just past the aids hospital and in front of the Customs building moto’s were pulling up in a kind of panic. Two men went running into the grounds as passers by sensed a drama and a small group of us gathered. Peeking through the fence I could see a man making his way back to the main gate and if it wasn’t rope in his hand it was … a rather long snake!

The snake man promptly beamed at everyone, headed straight back over to his tiny son/grandson, picked him up with one arm whilst holding poisonous snake in the other, mounted his moto and rode off. One hand on the controls, one hand dangling the snake, who we think may be attempting to congest a skinned mouse/gecko, over the dusty road home for tea. I am told they are good medicine, snake oil they believe relieves inflammation from arthritis, and so did us Brits once as it was us who first patented snake oil. Now you know!

Only in Cambodia! Any help on id much appreciated as ever!


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