Meet McCloud!

I really enjoy it when we have kids stay at the guesthouse and this week we have two young gentleman who are currently at Teuk Chhou (Kampot) Zoo but I have promised to paint their faces like the tiger there when they return.

With them in mind, when I found the largest giant african snail I have seen yet skulking in the ladies loo last night, I popped him in a box. Read up on what to do and asked my fb friends to help name him.

McCloud has been named so by my friend Jo of Brick by Brick Theatre Company in the UK. ‘As in Kevin McCloud’, said she, ‘because he has his own grand design.’ You kinda gotta be a fan of the show to geddit I guess!

I now share my desk with four palm butterfly caterpillar eggs and a giant african snail. McCloud has white spot lurgy. In the UK he would be taken to the vet and treated. It doesn’t quite work like that round these parts. It could be a parasite or a diet deficiency. Parasite I would bet. It’s turning into a mini beast haven, I feel like a big kid :o)


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