From dangerous cats to a sad dog story…

Not long after starting work with Guide Dogs for the Blind, over a decade ago, I met a very cheeky young man. Ten years younger than me, Dan and I hit it off straight away, have been the best of friends ever since and I fell in love with his guide dog Edie.

Sometimes Edie would holiday with me in the New Forest. I remember her madly running in circles and taking huge joy in rolling and rubbing her beautifully coated back in the autumn leaves and mud like a naughty girl.

When Dan would come to stay and I would muddle through the crowds on the station platform to find them Edie would be waiting, ready to jump at me, bum wiggling with huge excitement.

This photograph was taken the last time I saw Edie. The house was quiet one morning and Edie and I lay around on the floor as I tried to capture the cuteness of her nose. I knew then that Edie was getting ill and I wanted to save the pic for Dan when Edie’s time came.

Edie was Dan’s first guide dog. She enabled this clever, adventurous and brave beyond brave young man to get out ‘there’ independently. Not only, but also because of that, Edie was also Dans’ best friend.

Edie died on Wednesday.

Sorry I’m not there to give you a big hug Dan but I am thinking of you all.

 All the dribbly mouthed Edie love I can muster through my tears today to my friends in Brighton xxxxx

Sweet dreams Edie xxx


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