Danger! Cats!

‘Cats are dangerous companions for writers because cat watching is a near-perfect method of writing avoidance.’

Dan Greenburg

I think these cats are a mixture of a watered down version of the leopard cat called the bengal cat. Few cats are friendly here but the colour pix are of true pets at Bar Red and they provide a welcoming meow, purr and a warm cat lap cuddle whilst supping Srey Moms’ sweet tea and discussing the cost of electricity.

I was expecting the pertinently dry Steve, editor of highly recommendable the Kampot Survival Guide, Bar Red honcho and hunter of ‘american’ ponds (1970’s local B52 bomb craters to be exact), but it was lovely to sit a while chatting with ‘Mum’ and pass some time under a pomegranate tree with a bee’s nest hanging from it. I’ll take the right lens tomorrow after I have climbed (actually that’s a complete and utter lie, I am being driven!) to the top of Bokor Mountain. Til tomorrow anyway. Meow.


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