Beautiful Beasties

Wildlife armchair tour anyone?

Paper Butterflies sky dance through the shade of over-hanging trees in deeper countryside outside Kampot Town.

A small yellow and black longhorn beetle (further id help always appreciated) skitted in front of me and posed long enough for me to marvel at its’ pattern and horns!

This butterfly was brought to me at work with no idea what it is yet I will need to as it has left me with four caterpillar eggs. It was dying very quickly so I popped it in an open box (the things this girl keeps on her desk alongside the post-its) where it lay on its’ side for a few hours more. On closer inspection I realised she was laying her final legs (check the 2nd pic and you can see an egg emerging from her) before she gave up the ghost. So four caterpillar orphans in the making here and no idea what plant they need to munch! Do let me know if you do!

Slobbing around my new pad one morning with blurry eyes as I made tea I spied what I thought was a golden butterfly flying a tad strangely outside. No wonder this dragonfly is nicknamed the Butterfly Dragonfly.

Finally, here are a couple of sillies for you. Late one night at Riki’s terrace bar two of our little ‘chuck chuck’ lizards got romantic and had a leg over between the scotch collection.

Early one morning I stumbled over to the window to check the monsoon situation and three inches in front of my face was this Yellow Vented Bul-Bul! The windows are slightly mirrored and I guess he was just checking his reflection before work too…


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