Bigus Bruiseus!

After falling down some monsoon soaked stairs at some god~awful hour of the morning a few days ago (no I wasn’t drunk ok!) and my first week solo at Riki done I had a few days to play. A nice treat I thought, rest, night in a yurt on a deck on the river, bit of chill time, wildlife photography, might even meditate thought I at the charmingly welcoming and recently built rustic Ganesha Eco Resort. With lovely flavoursome food I had sweet and sour chicken and vegetables which was fresh and tasty and pancakes with banana for breakfast so large I couldn’t finish. As well having yurts there is a hammocked topped tower for you to swing in whilst surveying the neat abstract rows of the surrounding rice paddies.

But not yet familiar with forests fire ants when I ran into about fifty I was unaware, as I fiddled with a lens in the undergrowth, that they would bite my feet to b*ggery and said bites wake me at 3am in severe pain. I now understand why they are called by the pyro elements’ name! Amazing creatures as the BBC vid below shows but I shall be prepared next time I venture into the rainforest alone!

My feet, legs and bum look pretty shocking with mozzie bites, ant bites and the deepest bruise I think I have ever had!

But…never fear…especially concerned family reading…I rode a white horse yesterday and made friends with a tiger, safe as houses me!


2 thoughts on “Bigus Bruiseus!

  1. Hi Tori It appears that you have settled into the new job and surroundings beautifully despite mozzie fire ant and slippery step moments. Im very happy to have met you at the beginning of such a marvellous journey. My last couple of weeks in Cambodia were divine seeing many wonderful things, places, people, and lots of rain!! As always its a bit of a distant memory now Im back working and into “normality” but of course I am already planning my next trip which is looking like Myanmar in the Spring. Keep up the great work and the beautiful way that you see the world through your lens …. I will be uploading some stuff on to Picasa this weekend… Its been rather busy since my return and I need to spend a day reflecting and choosing a portfolio that captures the magic… I do hope it all goes well for you, I felt we were from the same tribe on many levels … Good luck with every thing and stay in touch Kind regards Darrell (Melbourne)

    1. Darrell! Hey! thanks so much for visiting the blog and leaving such a kind comment, good to hear from you. Mayanmar looks amazing for photography, I am sure you will love it. All well here, monsoon has given us a reprieve today. Oh, must tell you, if you hadn’t gathered, I snuck a night in a yurt at Ganesha inspired by your good self. I shall drop you an email! Take good care, our tribe gotta stick together! :o)

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