When the monks came to town

Rikitikitavi is blessed by the monks two or three times a year and last week was one of those days. To prepare for the new comer to take over, that’s me. To soothe staff and bring blessings and safety upon anything we asked to be blessed which entailed five scooters, one lexus, two nikons and around twenty one of the Riki team as well as the guesthouse itself.

Two monks who carried an air of, well, ‘monkness’, arrived in their orange robes and yellow flip flops, given orange fanta (apparently they always have fanta, we guess because it is orange!) and settled into the sofa on the terrace.

With all of the Riki staff gathered around the monks lead prayers and chanting, wafting incense through the heat of the afternoon and sprinkling flower scented sacred waters on our dipped heads.

Shoes are removed when blessings occur.

When the blessing is over each in turn knelt before the elder monk as he tied red string around our wrists blowing the incense smoke I think into the knots. The left wrist is best as it runs straight to the heart.

There was a lot of orange around that day…


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