Rainy Days and Butterflies

I love the guests that stay at Rikitikitavi.

Independent travellers fulfilling dreams and goals. Fascinating to talk with and the two young ladies below were utter charmers. Soaking wet after a brave trip with their mum, Lisa, up to Bokor mountain in the monsoon rains this morning they arrived back bedraggled, cold and poor mum still had the jaws of a leach in her leg! So with a good warm drink ordered I found my first willing victims for face-painting in Cambodia. I look forward to taking the paints to some of the local schools and orphanages whilst I am here too but for now I shall leave you with the colourful faces of the bravest and youngest travelling explorers I have met so far!

Maggie and Polly, you rock!


4 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Butterflies

  1. Thank you Torri. You are a fabulous face painter, a very talented photojournalist and budding guesthouse manager extraordinaire. It was a joy to meet you and I hope our paths cross again. enjoy your big adventure. I know you will. Lisa, Maggie and Polly

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Lisa. Lovely to meet you and the girls today, what intrepid explorers, you are all an inspiration. Now you watch out for leeches and keep in touch, if you and I have been journos then they can’t all be bad! x x x

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