Sacred strings

This photo was a bit of a mistake but there is magic in those eyes. Buntha, our chief cocktail maker, is given the task of carrying the monks sacred water as Rikitikitavi is blessed for the months ahead.

A few late, dark nights ago having a night cap on the terrace we heard guitar strings starting to pick ‘A Stairway to Heaven’
rising over the piped swallow song from the far river banks (the swallow song is another story altogether!)  The playing was good, the actual sound of the guitar was … challenging to the ear drums!

Talking to Buntha, the carrier of blessed waters, a few days later I told him about the boy on the river in the middle of the night playing guitar.

Buntha blushed.

I am reminded of a project run by Billy Bragg called Jail Guitar Doors. Which made me think of the the fact that travellers flying from the UK can bring a small instrument, gratis, as hand luggage without compromising their existing luggage. Buntha cannot afford a good guitar but he takes his cheap one to the river front to listen to the live music streaming out from a local bar in the middle of the night and he plays along, learning, listening, keen.

Which made me think again…


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