She’s got a ticket to Ryde…

Well, it’s not Ryde at all, it’s not even Cambodia but I am now the proud owner of an e:ticket to Kuala Lumpur and will be onward to Phnom Penh. I fly in 20 days.

Leaving the day job yesterday I was sad to say goodbye to such lovely people but am excited to have 3 weeks to play with my kit, take some photographs (a band promo location shoot on Monday will be fun) and sort out the final tangles of upping and leaving an old life behind!

I guess the adventure has already begun…

As I can’t post any of my own pix of Cambodia yet I shall be choosing some of favourites around the net and hope I can do half as well as them.

I love this image taken by Andrea Perera, editor of Oxfam Americas website, in Phnom Penh but …

© Andrea Perera

… I imagine, from what I hear of the descending monsoon season, that I shall look a little more like this…!

© Amit Patel


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