A word in my ear…

I am containing my excitement.  I want the ticket in my hands. I want to be there already, me and my cam, finding new things to see and capture and share.

Sagely so my old friend and new boss to be Dom sent me some advice I would be wise to take…

‘Its going to be a hell of a culture shock to start with…good bit of advice here “take the world as you find it, not as you would wish it to be”…going with the flow is easier in a place like this….but…

Ever eaten a meal while staring into the eyes of a hungry child? Neither had I, till I hit Asia.

It is a place of incredible beauty, impossible hardship, optimism, despair, gross injustice, huge hospitality, vibrancy, smiles and the great mass of humanity that make up this place swarming about their daily lives.

Many of us, having experienced it, find it impossible to leave….I feel very confident you will remember your time here for the rest of your life…it has that way on one.’

It makes me shiver a little to read this. The adventure I have dreamt of since I was a little girl, peeking my head out of the window at the Southampton port night sky to hear the horns of the huge ships move out to their next destination, is so very nearly here.

And all that it will entail that I cannot imagine or dream of still is just around the corner…

© Maciej Dakowicz ~ http://www.maciejdakowicz.com


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