6 weeks and counting…

I am in a state of limbo. I have packed my old life away bar a box or two and there is this void waiting to be filled with the new. For in six weeks time I shall be leaving on a jet plane for Cambodia not really knowing when or how I shall ever return to England. A new life, unimaginable, awaits and my impatience to grasp it grows daily. So this blog will be where I share some of the photographs of my five or so months in Cambodia, where I go after will be another chapter…

My first priority there is to look after ‘Rikitikitavi’. A delightful and ridiculously well reviewed boutique guesthouse in Kampot. Two hours drive from the Vietnam border Kampot with it’s french colonial influence is now a minor port nestled on the banks of the river overlooking the often mist coated mountain range of Bokor National Park. Founded by Denise and Dom the guesthouse, originally a rice barn, has a well renowned restaurant and a sunset view that I dream of.

‎’The best sunset in all of Kampot’ ~ ‘Amazing’ ~ ‘Delightful’ ~ ‘Happy Days’ ~ ‘Best food in town’ ~ ‘Just perfect’ ~ Tripadvisor

‘The best hosts I have experienced so far in Cambodia. Always smiling, always helpful…’ ~ Travel Fish

After I have managed to maintain the amazing reviews that Rikitiki’s team have garnered (gosh I hope I can!) my second priority is to refine and extend my photography portfolio and reprise my photo-journalism skills. I would particularly like to record any endangered species and indigenous cultures threatened by development and deforestation. Intrigued by how the hindu informed buddhist culture may influence my images I will be adding many shots to my ongoing ‘Faces’ project,  learning about butterfly conservation and breeding and a whole load of things I know not what of yet!

But for now I think I shall dream on those monsoon sunsets a little longer… join me on the terrace bar why don’t you?

Love T x


Photographs © Dominic Walwyn Price or http://www.tripadvisor.com reviewers


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